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3D Models of Jewelry

Backed by years of experience in the field, we design incredible 3D models of jewelry, including both items for mass production and exclusive jewels with unique designs where high requirements of the jeweler-master and the end consumer are imposed on the quality and appearance of the model. Whether you require a minimalistic simple-shaped item or a detailed bas-relief, our experts possess the necessary skills and experience to turn your ideas into digital masterpieces.

Shamballa 3D model 1
Shamballa 3D model 2
Shamballa 3D model 3
Shamballa 3D model 3
Shamballa 3D model 4
Shamballa 3D model 6
Shamballa 3D model 6
Shamballa 3D model 8
Shamballa 3D model 9
Shamballa 3D model 10
Shamballa 3D model 11
Shamballa 3D model 12

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  • Shamballa

3D Models of Clothes

Do you remember when buying clothes meant running to the physical store with a limited scope of choices? Fortunately, this outdated scenario does not make sense when 3D modeling comes into play. Thanks to life-like visualizations of clothes, customers can discover the new dimensions of fashion within several clicks. At the same time, eCommerce stores gain the ability to bring their clothes to a global audience. The mesh of highly realistic textures and flattering shapes makes our designs so similar to the real clothes that you can hardly find any differences.

Pair of Thieves 3D model 1
Pair of Thieves 3D model 2
Pair of Thieves 3D model 3
Pair of Thieves 3D model 4
Pair of Thieves 3D model 5
Pair of Thieves 3D model 6
Pair of Thieves 3D model 7

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  • Pair of Thieves

3D Models of Furniture

Suppose you look at the picture of a gorgeous leather sofa. Its perfect forms reflect the glare of the nearby lamp while the soft surface beckons you to sit down and relax. From whichever angle you look, it seems a perfect match for your living room. Did you manage to imagine that? Well, you can look below and experience these feelings yourself now. All in all, our talented 3D experts definitely know how to capture even the smallest details of furniture with robust 3D technology.

CASIO 3D model 1
CASIO 3D model 2
CASIO 3D model 3
CASIO 3D model 4
CASIO 3D model 5
CASIO 3D model 6
STEM 3D model 1
STEM 3D model 2
STEM 3D model 3
STEM 3D model 4

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  • STEM

3D Models of Characters

Interactive toys are rapidly transforming the modern market as they become more prevalent than traditional items. With the evolution of modern technologies, retailers intend to create more detailed and realistic characters, so here 3D modeling comes for help. Nowadays, you can easily break the boundaries of your imagination because our 3D designers will undoubtedly turn your ideas into unique characters to impress your customers.

Toogle Toy 3D model 1
Toogle Toy 3D model 2
Toogle Toy 3D model 3
Toogle Toy 3D model 4
Toogle Toy 3D model 5
Toogle Toy 3D model 6
Toogle Toy 3D model 7
Toogle Toy 3D model 8
Toogle Toy 3D model 9

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  • Toggle Toy



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