Data Solutions that Give Wings to Finance Corporations

devabit provides first-class customized solutions for a reliable partnership. With CFOs taking more strategic positions in companies, we carry off your administrative and operational part of work. We build a mutual radiant history of achieving your financial health. Our financial process optimization experts constantly represent multichoice cost-effective and smooth-running solutions.

Your Finance Challenges

01 / Increasing Сost Pressure

While key emerging markets worldwide face various economic and political issues, the effects get displayed within the financial results of every single private business. The tendency is obvious: the costs are growing with no plan to stop in the nearest future.

02 / Rising Administrative and Personnel Costs

Hiring a professional with a flawless performance is one thing that is undeniably hard. However, it is even more challenging to keep the person in the company in terms of on-growing costs for administration and personnel.

03 / Ongoing Legal Changes

In order to positively impact some sudden economic and political challenges, countries implement many legal changes in a lightning-fast manner. This is especially difficult to track and follow within multiregional companies.

Our Data Solutions for Finance Industry

Electronic Document Management

Without regular control over the never-stopping flow of sales, invoices, receipts, tax returns, and other documents, it is impossible to carry out successful results. Each company has to build a streamlined and seamless electronic document management system in place that ensures the secure capture, retrieval, and storage of data from documents.

OCR Services

Optical character recognition (OCR) is critical to saving time when the text is retrieved from the scanned document, especially handwritten. OCR is a technology through which various kinds of pictorial and textual data can be read, analyzed, and organized into an electronic format.

Applications and Transaction Processing

There are usually loads of errors in applications and transactions, which leads to significant delays in the fulfillment of the service. Outsourcing these processes, including claims processing and legal checks, saves time and focuses on strategic goals, while our experts in finance deliver adequate results.

Data Mining

The financial sector is meant to analyze large volumes of data from multiple sources. Data that is gathered through mining can be further used for market forecasting or discovering hidden opportunities and threats.

Data Entry

With efficient financial data entry services, any organization can access digitized information easily and streamline financial processes and other related operations.

Data Conversion

Unorganized information can prevent any business from thriving. We help transform the data collected from multiple resources into a uniform and easy-to-operate format.

Data Cleansing

Possessing an extensive database may not mean much for your business if the information contained is inaccurate.

Finance Segments We Serve

The finance industry includes a multitude of different segments. Fortunately, we serve all of them.

Banking Institutions

  • Central Banks
  • Retail and Commercial Banks
  • Internet Banks
  • Investment Banks and Companies

Financial Institutions

  • Savings and Loan Associations
  • Brokerage Firms
  • Asset Management Firms
  • Building Societies
  • Mortgage Providers

Credit Companies

  • Credit Unions
  • Credit Bureaus
  • Consumer Reporting Agencies
  • Credit Reporting Bodies
  • Credit Rating Agencies

Debt Buyers

  • Collection Agencies
  • Private Debt Collection Law Firms
  • Private Investors

Take a Look at Finance BPO Projects We Assist

We create meaningful changes for humanity through smart and perceptive data solutions for the finance industry.

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