KrewCal is an online platform for more advanced time and people management at big events. It ensures quick and smooth search and booking of required specialists for a certain event or venue. Therefore, this portal simplifies communication between part-time freelance technicians and event managers.


3 months

of development

Most technological products require complex implementation where challenges are hard to avoid. devabit team developed a multi-platform solution, both for web and mobile. We allowed all parties to navigate through their dashboards, communicate with each other and start discussions regarding booking inquiries on the spot.

Business value
KrewCal represents a perfect combination of a progressive idea and its high-quality technological implementation. The app contains a comprehensive set of functionality to find freelancers, generate new partnerships and publish events. Some legendary companies like Madison Square Garden trust their event management to KrewCal.

The whole product resulted in a complex, superquick matchmaking platform which saves tons of time looking for the right talent. devabit engineers produced a stable application for finding freelance technicians for big events. KrewCal app has a user-friendly interface and a unique design with contrasting colors.