Here Is Why Companies Use VR in Real Estate (You'll Be Surprised)

According to the statistics, in 2018, the virtual reality hardware market will reach 7.3 billion dollars. As for now, 43 million people around the world are highly interested in virtual reality. Taking into account these facts, using VR is useful to any sphere, be it gaming, healthcare, education or real estate. So what are the main benefits of VR in real estate? Let’s find out together.

Here are the answers for why companies use VR in real estate?

No battling between time schedules

When everyone around is focusing on self-development and effective time management, wasting time on a myriad of estate visits is so irrational. Similarly, using VR in real estate, home sellers save plenty of time and money. 3D development is a great way to show clients several places quickly. If clients have their own headsets, the experience companies offer is just fascinating.

Our lives are full of problems, unexpected events, and other moments that make people postpone their meetings with realtors. Though it’s not professional, clients often cancel house visits, making realtors lose a lot of time and money. With VR, a strict schedule isn’t a deal anymore. Clients can just put on their own VR headsets whenever they want. They may just visit the real estate company’s office and integrate awesome VR experience with pleasant communication.

Here are the answers for why companies use VR in real estate.

Telling a story from a new angle

Always rushing and tired realtors have already worn out prospective homebuyers. They usually bother people with put-on friendliness and a will to avoid talking about the disadvantages of buying a settled place. Therefore, companies that use VR in real estate show their clients that they are modern. The usage of VR is also a sign of companies’ openness to progress. Clients enjoy this total immersion in a new reality that allows them wandering around the house without leaving their present home

Another advantage of using VR in real estate is the possibility to make the story more interesting. Imagine a client putting on a headset and enjoying perfect photo-realism results. He or she will also get immersed in the beautiful scenery made more interesting by sounds and comments. Such experience takes visits to the next level, allowing clients to fall in love with certain places almost at once. VR headsets become more affordable. More and more companies use VR in real estate.

So what’s our prediction for the future?

It’s better to hire a professional development company now. Chances are your competitors have already done that. devabit is a professional software and mobile development company that partners with teams across the globe and industries. We have a proven record of successful AR and VR projects, including a VR game for a famous series after Stephen King’s Mr. Mercedes. If you need a consultancy or your team is planning to develop an app, don’t hesitate to contact us and get further assistance.

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