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Top 10 Emerging Technologies 2022 and beyond: Metaverse, NFT, and Cloud Computing

Since time immemorial, technology has been around, but the pace at which we use it today seems to be accelerating. Although the Internet, smartphones, social media, 3D modeling, and other innovations have changed how we live, work, play, communicate, and learn, technology will impact our lives way more than expected. With each passing year, consumers get used to previous 'shocking' innovations and seek something that will truly revolutionize their lives beyond the imagination. Fortunately, fast-moving technological progress always has something to impress a tough crowd. In the first article describing the top 10 emerging technologies 2022, we will take a look at Metaverse, NFT, & Cloud Computing and will try to predict how they can influence our lives during the following decade.

1. Metaverse Is Coming

Metaverse... This word has recently shaken the whole world. And some companies continue to get the shakes because of their unstoppable desire to acquire this new dimension in 2022. At first glance, the new artificial universe introduced by Mark Zukerberg may seem just one of these immersive games for toddlers. Still, do not jump to conclusions because the practice proves that Metaverse is something more than a simple game. The word 'meta' stands for the Greek 'beyond.' Well, it seems like the virtual world is truly gaining momentum by going beyond the existing boundaries of reality. Metaverse is a place where people can interact with one another through avatars. It's similar to Second Life, except that it's more realistic and interactive. People can meet up with friends, go shopping, play games, and do anything else they would normally do offline. Everything is just like in the real world... Wait, so what is real and what is not?

Future in Numbers: Metaverse Reach Among Global Consumers & Businesses, 2026

Top 10 emerging technologies 2022: Metaverse statistic by devabit

Dating Back to the 90s or Why Metaverse Has Been Around Longer Than You Think

Hello, this is Hiro. He cannot pay his rent, but he does not worry about this. All in all, when you live in a world with Metaverse, and in Metaverse, you are a warrior prince, there is no sense in worrying about such things as rent.

Top 10 emerging technologies 2022: Metaverse

This scenario is taken from Neal Stephenson's book The Snow Crash (1992). In this science fiction story, Hiro interacts with the artificial universe called Metaverse. Hence, at this point in human history, the virtual world comes into play with a stable name — Metaverse. As we have already sorted out the origin of its title, let's dive into the detailed chronology of Metaverse and highlight the key technology breakdowns that boosted the creation of the Meta world.

Top 10 Emerging Technologies 2022 & Metaverse: How Everything Started

Top 10 emerging technologies 2022: Metaverse timeline by devabit

2. NFT: Useless Technology or Springboard for Development?

If you have been monitoring trends for the last year, you must have heard about NFT, which stands for non-fungible token and takes second place in the top 10 emerging technologies 2022. Let's describe an illustrative example to explain what it is all about. For instance, here is the loudest case associated with this phenomenon:

  • Someone took the work of the artist, Banksy.
  • They photographed it.
  • The original artwork was burned so that no one else could get it.
  • The photo transformed into NFT.
  • Now this work will be sold at a digital auction.

To put it simply, NFT is a unique set of encrypted data that lies in some kind of table. Think of it as the digital equivalent of a "unique item." With the help of cryptography, you can take any set of data (for example, a picture, music, film, digital 3D model, or something else) and make a unique token based on it. This token will symbolize the source file. Thus, this token can be handled the same way as physical property: you can buy, sell, or donate it. Besides, these exclusive items have unique properties that cannot be easily copied or duplicated.

Future in Numbers: NFT Market Growth Forecast 2022-2025

Top 10 emerging technologies 2022: NFT statistic by devabit

NFT — the Child of the 21st Century

As is often the case with technology innovations, NFTs did not just emerge out of nowhere, becoming a common thing overnight. In fact, the urge to create something like NFT has existed along with the concept of copyright.

For example, an artist can create a copy of famous Van Gogh's Starry Night so that it would be hard to find any differences between the original and the copy. In some cases, even a thorough examination of materials and the artist's style cannot help. When it comes to digital art like 3D models, it is nearly impossible to determine the original. Therefore, NFT resolved this eternal controversy by introducing exclusive items with unique properties that cannot be easily copied or duplicated. At this point, our interesting conversation naturally leads to the question: when was the first NFT created?

NFT: How Everything Started

Top 10 emerging technologies 2022: NFT timeline by devabit

3. Cloud Computing Is Still in Play

The third place in our top 10 emerging technologies 2022 is dedicated to cloud computing. It is a form of Internet-based software as a service (SaaS) where users access applications through an internet browser rather than installing them locally. This means that cloud services are accessed remotely via the web instead of being installed on a user's computer. Cloud computing is a way for companies to store data in remote servers that are maintained by third parties. It allows businesses to access their information anywhere at any time. Unlike Metaverse, cloud computing is not a new technology because it has already been around for a long time. However, it does not mean that the cloud does not have potential. According to Statista, cloud computing generated almost 400 billion U.S. dollars in revenue in 2021, and the cloud is not likely to slow down. As reported by Gartner, cloud computing will soon evolve from serving pedestrian use cases such as infrastructure and application migration to those that combine cloud with technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, 5G, and more.

Future in Numbers: Global SaaS Market Share, 2020-2025

Top 10 emerging technologies 2022: SaaS statistic by devabit

Cloud Computing the Way We Know It Today

Although millennials may feel like cloud computing is something from their generation, the truth is that this technology actually traces its roots back more than 50 years. Of course, in the 50s, cloud computing was far from the modern version most of us get used to implementing today. Then, mainframe computers were huge and extremely expensive, which is why companies utilized an increasingly complex and ever-changing system of mainframe computers to process data.

The time-sharing approach appears to be another key milestone in cloud computing development. Most companies purchased one or two devices and then executed "time-sharing" schedules so that their return on investment (ROI) could be as excellent as possible. Due to time-sharing, several people could access a mainframe machine from connected stations that produced no processing power of their own. This type of shared computational power is the basic premise of the cloud.

Cloud Computing: How Everything Started

Top 10 emerging technologies 2022: Cloud computing statistic by devabit

Top 10 Emerging Technologies 2022: Benefits for Business Identified

1. Metaverse

  • Viral Events & Products
  • Engaging More Users
  • Know Your Target Audience
  • Team Building & Collaboration
  • E-Wallets and Cryptocurrency Transactions

2. NFT

  • Create a Portfolio that Rocks
  • Fractionalize Ownership of Physical Assets
  • Save Technology
  • A Volatile Investment
  • Get the Most Out of Copyright

3. Cloud Computing

  • Unlimited Storage
  • Increased Mobility
  • Reduced Costs
  • Top-Level Security
  • Flexibility

On a Final Note

While some people believe that technologies will replace humans entirely, others think that they will simply augment human capabilities. Either way, it's clear that future life is going to be very different from today because the transformation has already started. With cloud computing, users no longer need to worry about losing files because they can access them anywhere at any time. Metaverse is rapidly becoming the new reality for modern generations, while NFTs are considered to be property that is truly worth your money.

At this point in our exciting story, it seems like it is time to wrap up the conversion. Nevertheless, do not get upset because it is only the first part of the 'top 10 emerging technologies 2022' trilogy, so we still have many incredible tech insights to impress you.

Top 10 Emerging Technologies 2022:

  1. Metaverse
  2. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT)
  3. Cloud Computing
  4. Extended Reality (XR)
  5. 3D Printing
  6. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  7. 5G Biomedical Technology
  8. Quantum Computing
  9. Smart Clothing

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