Top 10 Emerging Technologies 2022 and beyond: Metaverse, NFT, Cloud Computing, and More

Since time immemorial, technology has been around, but the pace at which we use it today seems to be accelerating. Although the Internet, smartphones, social media, 3D modeling, and other innovations have changed how we live, work, play, communicate, and learn, technology will impact our lives way more than expected. With each passing year, consumers get used to previous 'shocking' innovations and seek something that will truly revolutionize their lives beyond the imagination. Fortunately, fast-moving technological progress always has something to impress a tough crowd. In this article describing the top 10 emerging technologies 2022, we will take a look at the hottest tech innovations you should watch out this year and will try to predict how they can influence our lives during the following decade.

Top 10 emerging technologies 2022 new devabit

1. Metaverse Is Coming

Metaverse... This word has recently shaken the whole world. And some companies continue to get the shakes because of their unstoppable desire to acquire this new dimension in 2022. At first glance, the new artificial universe introduced by Mark Zukerberg may seem just one of these immersive games for toddlers. Still, do not jump to conclusions because the practice proves that Metaverse is something more than a simple game. The word 'meta' stands for the Greek 'beyond.' Well, it seems like the virtual world is truly gaining momentum by going beyond the existing boundaries of reality. Metaverse is a place where people can interact with one another through avatars. It's similar to Second Life, except that it's more realistic and interactive. People can meet up with friends, go shopping, play games, and do anything else they would normally do offline. Everything is just like in the real world... Wait, so what is real and what is not?

Future in Numbers: Metaverse Reach Among Global Consumers & Businesses, 2026

Top 10 emerging technologies 2022: Metaverse reach by devabit

Dating Back to the 90s or Why Metaverse Has Been Around Longer Than You Think

Hello, this is Hiro. He cannot pay his rent, but he does not worry about this. All in all, when you live in a world with Metaverse, and in Metaverse, you are a warrior prince, there is no sense in worrying about such things as rent.

Top 10 emerging technologies 2022: Metaverse example by devabit

This scenario is taken from Neal Stephenson's book The Snow Crash (1992). In this science fiction story, Hiro interacts with the artificial universe called Metaverse. Hence, at this point in human history, the virtual world comes into play with a stable name — Metaverse. As we have already sorted out the origin of its title, let's dive into the detailed chronology of Metaverse and highlight the key technology breakdowns that boosted the creation of the Meta world.

Top 10 Emerging Technologies 2022 & Metaverse: How Everything Started

Top 10 emerging technologies 2022: Metaverse timeline by devabit

2. NFT: Useless Technology or Springboard for Development?

If you have been monitoring trends for the last year, you must have heard about NFT, which stands for non-fungible token and takes second place in the top 10 emerging technologies 2022. Let's describe an illustrative example to explain what it is all about. For instance, here is the loudest case associated with this phenomenon:

  • Someone took the work of the artist, Banksy.
  • They photographed it.
  • The original artwork was burned so that no one else could get it.
  • The photo transformed into NFT.
  • Now this work will be sold at a digital auction.

To put it simply, NFT is a unique set of encrypted data that lies in some kind of table. Think of it as the digital equivalent of a "unique item." With the help of cryptography, you can take any set of data (for example, a picture, music, film, digital 3D model, or something else) and make a unique token based on it. This token will symbolize the source file. Thus, this token can be handled the same way as physical property: you can buy, sell, or donate it. Besides, these exclusive items have unique properties that cannot be easily copied or duplicated.

Future in Numbers: NFT Market Growth Forecast 2022-2025

Top 10 emerging technologies 2022: NFT market overview by devabit

NFT — the Child of the 21st Century

As is often the case with technology innovations, NFTs did not just emerge out of nowhere, becoming a common thing overnight. In fact, the urge to create something like NFT has existed along with the concept of copyright.

For example, an artist can create a copy of famous Van Gogh's Starry Night so that it would be hard to find any differences between the original and the copy. In some cases, even a thorough examination of materials and the artist's style cannot help. When it comes to digital art like 3D models, it is nearly impossible to determine the original. Therefore, NFT resolved this eternal controversy by introducing exclusive items with unique properties that cannot be easily copied or duplicated. At this point, our interesting conversation naturally leads to the question: when was the first NFT created?

NFT: How Everything Started

Top 10 emerging technologies 2022: NFT timeline by devabit

3. Cloud Computing Is Still in Play

The third place in our top 10 emerging technologies 2022 is dedicated to cloud computing. It is a form of Internet-based software as a service (SaaS) where users access applications through an internet browser rather than installing them locally. This means that cloud services are accessed remotely via the web instead of being installed on a user's computer. Cloud computing is a way for companies to store data in remote servers that are maintained by third parties. It allows businesses to access their information anywhere at any time. Unlike Metaverse, cloud computing is not a new technology because it has already been around for a long time. However, it does not mean that the cloud does not have potential. According to Statista, cloud computing generated almost 400 billion U.S. dollars in revenue in 2021, and the cloud is not likely to slow down. As reported by Gartner, cloud computing will soon evolve from serving pedestrian use cases such as infrastructure and application migration to those that combine cloud with technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, 5G, and more.

Future in Numbers: Global SaaS Market Share, 2020-2025

Top 10 emerging technologies 2022: SaaS market overview by devabit

Cloud Computing the Way We Know It Today

Although millennials may feel like cloud computing is something from their generation, the truth is that this technology actually traces its roots back more than 50 years. Of course, in the 50s, cloud computing was far from the modern version most of us get used to implementing today. Then, mainframe computers were huge and extremely expensive, which is why companies utilized an increasingly complex and ever-changing system of mainframe computers to process data.

The time-sharing approach appears to be another key milestone in cloud computing development. Most companies purchased one or two devices and then executed "time-sharing" schedules so that their return on investment (ROI) could be as excellent as possible. Due to time-sharing, several people could access a mainframe machine from connected stations that produced no processing power of their own. This type of shared computational power is the basic premise of the cloud.

Cloud Computing: How Everything Started

Top 10 emerging technologies 2022: Cloud computing timeline by devabit
What to empower your business with innovative technology?

While in the first part of our article about the top 10 emerging technologies 2022, we analyzed metaverse, NFT, and Cloud Computing, it is time to move on to the next trio of leaders. Hence, now we are going to talk about extended reality (XR), 3D printing, and artificial intelligence (AI). Are you ready? Then, let us crush the top 10 emerging technologies 2022 together.


Probably, you have already heard of virtual reality (VR). But did you know that it is, actually, a subcategory of a much broader digital trend? That is when Extended Reality (XR) breaks in. It is a general name for all real-and-virtual combined environments. And this trend is really hot. Yet, what makes this technology so attractive? Let us find out why XR takes the 4th in our list of the top 10 emerging technologies 2022 by explaining the main XR statistics & variations.


Top 10 emerging technologies 2022: XR market overview by devabit

AR + VR + MR = XR

XR incorporates VR, MR (mixed reality), and AR (augmented reality). Let us add some clarity to these innovations.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual reality (VR) is a completely digital experience that can be similar to or different from the one a person gets in the real world. Mostly, it goes about taking on VR headsets that generate realistic images, sounds, and other sensations. VR is mostly applied for entertainment purposes and is very popular in the video gaming industry. However, just like any other cutting-edge technology, VR has a whole bunch of implications and can help users host business meetings, organize interactive classes, and even practice professional scenarios. Overall, VR may come in handy in almost any industry. And there is a solid reason to think that technology is still (thousands of) miles away from reaching its full potential.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality (AR) is an interactive experience where digital objects are placed on the real-world layer. A perfect example of AR is a mobile app that enables you to see digital objects through the lens of a smartphone camera. Remember Pokemon Go? This simple game shows a great example of AR. It was also an app that introduced AR to a broad audience. Surely, just like in the case of VR, AR is not only about entertainment. This technology brings great value to engineering, education, arts, and other disciplines where 3D object visualization matters.

Mixed Reality (MR)

Mixed reality (MR) is a tech innovation that combines physical real-world experience with digital elements. At a first sight, it may seem completely the same as AR. Although the dividing line between the two is blurred, there are still numerous differences between MR and AR. The main one is that mixed reality interacts and connects to real-world objects, while augmented reality is about non-interactive digital objects that can be only seen or heard in the real world. Perfect examples of MR are interactive digital images in museum exhibits. One should also mention Microsoft HoloLens, a mixed reality headset that serves many purposes. To name a few, it can help vehicle drivers get a circle view of their vehicle, provide healthcare practitioners with interactive tips during their internship, facilitate household management, and help business executives visualize necessary metrics.

XR: THE LONG STORY BEHIND the Top 10 Emerging Technologies 2022

XR timeline by devabit

5. The Top 10 Emerging Technologies 2022 AND... 3D PRINTING? REVEALING THE CONNECTION

One more technology trend that has a bright future is 3D printing. The market for this innovation is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 20.8% in the next 8 years. So, what does 3D printing, actually, mean from the perspective of the top 10 emerging technologies 2022? Speaking in a more official language, it is about creating a physical object from a 3-dimensional digital model. In simple words, it is when you upload a schematic 3D file to the system, the system connects to a manufacturing device, and the device manufactures the item displayed on this schematic model. 3D printing techniques can vary from the ones that lay down numerous thin layers of material in succession to the ones where lasers carve the required object from a large piece of material.


3d printing market size statistics by devabit

3D PRINTING OR HOW the Top 10 Emerging Technologies 2022 BRING VALUE TO BUSINESSES

We can continue exploring the top 10 emerging technologies 2022 or dive into the topic of materials applied for creating three-dimensional objects. But let's be honest, the business value of this innovation is what really matters. And that is when the most interesting part goes. Almost any type of manufacturing may be enhanced or replaced with 3D printing. Here are just a few examples of items that are commonly created with 3D printing technologies:

  • Shoe design;
  • Toys;
  • Mechanical vehicle parts;
  • Construction tools;
  • Jewelry;
  • Tripods;
  • Bags and other types of tourist equipment;
  • Furniture.

Moreover, this technology doesn't intend to stand in one place. 3D printing constantly develops and helps people create more and more unexpected things. Up to the point when construction companies build cottages composed of large parts that have been created with 3D printers. And do not forget about revolutionary cases where this technology is used to create organs, such as the liver or even the heart, for transplantations.

But even apart from these cases, 3D printing brings much value to businesses operating in a broad range of industries. One of the greatest benefits of 3D printing is speed and cost-efficiency. Companies can use it to manufacture various objects in minutes. So, when it comes to doing things fast, 3D printing is a great solution. Besides, it is cost-efficient and predictable because, in most cases, you can estimate the amount of material needed with striking accuracy.

Surely, there are some claims regarding the quality of 3D-manufactured items. Traditional manufacturing practices are much more reliable and bring better quality, or that's what they say. Fortunately, everything is not so certain. Firstly, 3D technologies have grown to the level where they deliver manufacturing-level quality. If you have any doubts, just consider that BMW, Toyota, and SpaceX utilize this technology to create some parts for their vehicles and rockets. Secondly, 3D printing still remains a perfect solution for developing item prototypes. After all, prototyping is more about visualizing things long before the release than about delivering final-product quality.

Finally, it is essential to mention the connection of 3D printing to software development. Just like any modern tech trend, 3D printing incorporates the digital part. Software is what allows the 3D printing device to process the scheme and re-create the object physically. The higher the quality of this processing software, the better the printing outcome. And there's always room for development, so optimizing and creating new software solutions for advanced 3D printing may be a very lucrative idea.

AT THE DAWN OF the Top 10 Emerging Technologies 2022: 3D PRINTING TIMELINE

Top 10 emerging technologies 2022: 3d printing timeline by devabit


At last, we are approaching the hottest digital trend as of the top 10 emerging technologies 2022. According to the Gartner report, the global market for artificial intelligence (AI) solutions will exceed $62 billion this year, showing an impressive annual growth of 21.3%. Isn't it a solid reason to take a closer look at this technology trend and the many promises it brings?


Top 10 emerging technologies 2022: AI market growth prediction by devabit


Artificial intelligence stands for the human-like intelligence displayed by machines. Usually, it is based on machine learning (ML) algorithms. In simple words, a digital network receives a certain amount of initial data and applies its built-in analytical and machine learning algorithms to independently develop its analytical and data processing capacities. This process may continue up to the point when the AI system can make complex data manipulations without any human involvement.

HOW the Top 10 Emerging Technologies 2022 (AI) BENEFIT BUSINESSES

When hearing the term "artificial intelligence," some people can think of Skynet, a dangerous AI system from The Terminator film series that wants to eradicate humanity. Fortunately, things are much less dangerous in real life. Being one of the most promising innovations in our 'top 10 emerging technologies 2022' digest, AI is far from posing a threat to humanity and is generally applied to solve narrow tasks that correspond to its primary purposes. In other words, most AI systems are not universal but rather purpose-driven. There may be a great variety of AI-supported apps and software solutions. These include:

  • Commercial chatbots that can independently handle basic communication with customers;
  • Analytical tools that automatically process large data loads and provide businesses with useful insights;
  • AI-powered cruise control tools that can drive the vehicle without any human involvement;
  • Tourist apps that help users find the most attractive booking opportunities;
  • Image recognition apps that automate document parsing;
  • Logistics automation applications;
  • AI-powered interior design creators;
  • Apps for automated insurance claim processing.

And this is just a small part of what you can achieve with the top 10 emerging technologies 2022 like AI. They perfectly integrate with applications of different types, and there are an awful lot of ready solutions that simplify AI app development. That is why such solutions are so popular, and that is why even digitized companies with limited budgets seek artificial intelligence integration.

What are the benefits? There are plenty of them. But there is one great advantage that you will find in most AI benefit overviews, and its name is "automation." Here everything is simple, artificial intelligence can partly substitute humans and handle their tasks. This helps businesses save time and cost on staff maintenance. Also, machine algorithms can handle some tasks with better precision than human beings. One of the best things is that AI development has already helped business automation go far beyond simple routine tasks. The more advanced AI and ML algorithms become, the more complex tasks they can handle. Some people even say that most human tasks will be automated by machines in less than 20 years. And if you look at the tempo with which AI conquers the tech industry, you won't be too skeptical regarding such an opinion.

As for now, the best idea is to start taking advantage of the top 10 emerging technologies 2022 as soon as possible. Artificial intelligence is more available than ever, and they are ready to take your business, either startup or an established enterprise, to a new level. So, there is no need to wait for something. The ones who embrace trends sooner have much better chances to spearhead the innovation!

AT THE ORIGINS OF the Top 10 Emerging Technologies 2022: THE EMERGENCE OF AI

Top 10 emerging technologies 2022: AI timeline by devabit

7. How The Top 10 Emerging Technologies 2022 Are Revolutionizing Healthcare with 5G

The advancement of 5G technology is transforming the way we communicate and interact with each other, but it is also revolutionizing the healthcare industry. In a nutshell, this technology refers to the use of 5G networks to improve healthcare services, including remote monitoring, telemedicine, and real-time data analysis. It also adds more efficiency, accessibility, and affordability to the healthcare domain. The fundamental advantage of 5G biomedical technology is its ability to transmit data at incredibly high speeds with minimal latency. This means that doctors and patients can communicate in real time, regardless of their location, sharing data without any delays. 5G technology also enables remote patient monitoring, allowing doctors to monitor patients' vital signs and health conditions in real time.

Top 10 Emerging Technologies 2022 REVEALED THROUGH NUMBERS: 5G in Healthcare Market Size

Top 10 emerging technologies 2022: 5G timeline by devabit

5G Biomedical Technology is Shaping the Healthcare System of the Future Day

The utilization of 5G networks for fast and reliable wireless communication is intended to revolutionize the landscape of medical evaluation and treatment. This innovative technology will bring significant improvements into the telemedicine area. Moreover, 5G biomedical technology is also associated with the increased use of various wearable healthcare devices, like wearable sensors, smart watches, etc. This, in turn, will evoke the popularity of software development services. All in all, will 5G transform healthcare during the next decade? Pretty sure, yes, it definitely will. As one of the most influential trends in our 'top 10 emerging technologies 2022' digest, 5G biomedical technology can enable healthcare providers to leverage this technology to deliver care in a more efficient and convenient manner. On the other hand, patients can benefit from improved healthcare access, particularly in rural and remote areas. Finally, businesses that provide healthcare services can expand their reach by leveraging 5G biomedical technology, making it possible to serve more patients.


5g timeline by devabit

8. Quantum Computing as One of the Top 10 Emerging Technology Trends 2022

Quantum computing is a rapidly developing field of computer science that uses quantum mechanics to process information. Unlike classical computers, which process information using bits that can be either 0 or 1, quantum computers use qubits, which can be in a superposition of both 0 and 1 simultaneously. This allows quantum computers to perform certain calculations much faster than classical computers. Quantum computers rely on the principles of quantum mechanics, such as superposition and entanglement. Superposition allows a qubit to be in multiple states at once, while entanglement allows two or more qubits to be connected in such a way that their states are correlated. These principles are used to perform complex calculations, such as factorizing large numbers, that are difficult or impossible for classical computers to act in a reasonable amount of time.

FUTURE IN NUMBERS: Quantum Computing Market Size

Top 10 emerging technologies 2022: Quantum computing market size by devabit

HOW the Top 10 Emerging Technologies 2022 (Quantum Computing) BENEFIT BUSINESSES

Quantum computing takes 8th place in our list of the top 10 emerging technologies 2022 for a good reason. In fact, it has the potential to revolutionize many areas of business, from finance to logistics and cryptography. For example, quantum computers could be used to optimize supply chain networks, improve financial risk analysis, and develop new materials for industrial applications. In finance, quantum computers could be used to analyze large amounts of data quickly and accurately, helping financial institutions to identify new investment opportunities and manage risk more effectively. In logistics, this technology trend can optimize transportation networks, reducing costs and improving efficiency. Finally, in cryptography, quantum computers could be used to break many encryption methods currently used to protect sensitive information. This has led to the development of new cryptographic techniques resistant to quantum attacks.


Top 10 emerging technologies 2022: Quantum computing timeline by devabit

9. Smart Clothing: The Future of Fashion Meets Technology

The integration of technology into clothing is not a new concept, with items such as heated jackets and self-drying clothing already on the market. However, the advent of smart clothing represents a major step forward in the intersection of fashion and technology. Smart clothing, also known as e-textiles or smart textiles, refers to clothing that is embedded with electronic components such as sensors, microcontrollers, and conductive fabrics. These components allow the clothing to perform various functions such as tracking biometric data, monitoring environmental conditions, and even controlling electronic devices.

Top 10 Emerging Technologies 2022 REVEALED THROUGH NUMBERS: Smart Clothing Market Size

Top 10 emerging technologies 2022: Smart clothing market size by devabit

The Promising Potential of Smart Clothing

The potential applications of smart clothing are vast, ranging from health monitoring to sports performance tracking to military applications. In the medical field, smart clothing can monitor vital signs and alert doctors or caregivers in case of emergencies. In the sports industry, smart clothing can track athletes' movements and provide real-time feedback to coaches and trainers. Smart clothing also has significant implications for the business world. Companies can use smart clothing to monitor employees' health and productivity, track inventory in warehouses, and even enhance customer experiences. For example, smart fitting rooms can use RFID technology to suggest complementary items to customers based on what they are trying on.


Top 10 emerging technologies 2022: Smart clothing timeline by devabit

10. Autonomous Robots

The integration of robots into industrial processes is a concept that has been around for quite some time, with the use of robotics in manufacturing and production dating back several decades. However, the relevance of robotics in 2022 lies in the increasing shift towards autonomy.

Top 10 Emerging Technologies 2022 REVEALED THROUGH NUMBERS: Autonomous Robots Market Size

Top 10 emerging technologies 2022: Autonomous robotics market size by devabit

The Future of Autonomous Robotics

Autonomous or semi-intelligent robots are becoming more common and are capable of performing tasks and operations independently, without any human intervention. Additionally, there is a growing demand for autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) in various industries, and they are predicted to capture over 75% of the robot market by 2030. Despite these advances, the full potential of this technology has not been fully realized yet, which means we can expect various innovations in the field of robotics during the following years.


Autonomous robotics timeline by devabit

Wrapping Up on the Top 10 Emerging Technologies 2022

While some people believe that some of the top 10 emerging technologies 2022 will replace humans entirely, others think that they will simply augment human capabilities. Either way, it's clear that future life is going to be very different from today because the transformation has already started. With cloud computing, users no longer need to worry about losing files because they can access them anywhere at any time. Metaverse is rapidly becoming the new reality for modern generations, while NFTs are considered to be property that is truly worth your money.

In today's article revealing the top 10 emerging technologies 2022 and beyond, we introduced many tech innovations like XR, 3D printing, and AI, to mention just a few. For instance, extended reality (XR) has been one of the biggest buzzwords in technology since its inception. It was first introduced as a concept of virtual reality by Jaron Lanier in 1989. Although VR headsets were initially bulky and expensive, today, they are much more affordable and portable, which provides a lot of opportunities for businesses. At the same time, 3D printing is an emerging technology that allows people to make objects using a computer model. This process involves creating a three-dimensional object layer by layer, with each layer being printed onto a flat surface. As 3D printers become cheaper and easier to use, they will likely replace traditional manufacturing methods. Needless to say that artificial intelligence (AI) has been making headlines lately because of its ability to perform tasks that were once thought only humans could do. From self-driving cars to facial recognition software, AI is becoming more human-like every day.

At this point in our exciting story, it seems like it is time to wrap up the conversation in terms of top 10 emerging technologies 2022. Nevertheless, do not get upset because devabit still has many incredible tech insights to impress you. Whether you need to hire PHP programmers or iOS developers for hire, we can provide your business with any type of experts you require to turn your mind-blowing idea into an incredible tech solution! Just drop us a line below and let the technology innovate company right now.

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