Chat GPT Store: New Complex Technologies in Simple Words

Let us be honest: in today’s rapidly developed and digitalized world, it is pretty hard to find a person who has never heard about artificial intelligence. There is no doubt that in recent years, we have witnessed a real breakthrough in the development of AI technologies. When talking about AI, it is impossible not to mention Chat GPT, which has radically changed the entire digital industry. Developed by OpenAI, Chat GPT represents a totally new approach to natural language processing, popularizing human-like interactions between machines and users. On November 6, 2023, CEO of OpenAI Sam Altman introduced a completely new version of Chat GPT that includes GPTs, Chat GPT Store, GPT-4 Turbo, and other technologies that we are going to describe in this article.

"OpenAI is the most advanced and most widely used platform in the world now," Sam Altman stated. For real, Chat GPT is used by people of all ages and professions all over the globe.

For instance, a hundred-year-old man named Koert was asked how he was using Chat GPT. He replied, “I discovered Chatty about three months ago on my 100th birthday. Chatty is very friendly, very patient, very knowledgeable, and very quick. This has been a wonderful thing.”

The fact that one technology is understandable to both a hundred-year-old man and a ten-year-old child cannot but impress. A lot of hard work stays behind such unbelievable success. “Today we have got about 2 million developers building on our API for a wide variety of use cases doing amazing stuff, over 92% of Fortune 500 companies building on our products, and about 100 million weekly active users now on Chat GPT,” ensures Sam Altman.

Now, let us dive into this magical world of digital innovations, describe all technologies that are available in the new GPT-4 Turbo, and consider the way to monetize new GPTs with the help of the Chat GPT Store.

Fasten your seatbelts; it is time to take off from the ground!

Chat gpt store devabit

Chat GPT Store and Other OpenAI DevDay News

Now it is time to visualize.

November 6, 2023. San Francisco, CA.

OpenAI DevDay, OpenAI's first developer conference.

The conference hall is full of IT specialists from all over the globe. Everyone is holding their breath and waiting for Sam Altman, not even suspecting the scale of changes that await them in just a few minutes. This sounds impressive, doesn't it?

Chat GTP Store : OpenAI

At the conference, Sam Altman announced six of the most significant aspects of the new Chat GPT model, which we are going to describe below.

1. Chat GPT Store: Context Length

"A lot of people have tasks that require a much longer context length. GPT-4 supports up to 8K and, in some cases, up to 32K context length, but we know that it is not enough for many of you and what you want to do. GPT-4 Turbo supports up to 128,000 tokens of context. That is 300 pages of a standard book, 16 times longer than our 8K context.

If it seems that you have already gotten used to the complex mechanism of Chat GPT, OpenAI has found a way to impress. Now GPT-4 can support up to 32K context lengths, while GPT-4 Turbo supports up to 128K tokens of context.

Chat GTP Store : Context Length

At the same time, OpenAI has noticeably increased the accuracy level of Chat GPT while working with long contexts. Now, it is much easier to process and generate long context texts without any mistakes. “In addition to a longer context length, you'll notice that the model is much more accurate over a long context,” stated Sam Altman.

2. Chat GPT Store:More Control

The next crucial aspect of the new Chat GPT model is providing developers with more control over the model's responses and outputs. “Now, we have a new feature called JSON Mode, which ensures that the model will respond with valid JSON. This has been a huge developer request. It will make calling APIs much easier.” Implementing JSON Mode is like teaching Chat GPT to talk in a way that is much more convenient to the developers. This simplifies the process of interconnection with other programs and working with Chat GPT.

Chat GTP Store : JSON

The increase in multitasking has a positive impact on the overall productivity of Chat GPT. It is like if you tell Chat GPT to do several things in a row, now it can understand and do them more accurately. “The model is also much better at function calling. You can now call many functions at once, and it will do better at following instructions in general."

We are also introducing a new feature called reproducible outputs. You can pass a seed parameter, and it will make the model return consistent outputs. This, of course, gives you a higher degree of control over model behavior." In simple words, it is like telling Chat GPT to always give the same answers if you ask the same question. This helps the experts know exactly what to expect, making it easier to communicate.

3. Chat GPT Store:Better Knowledge

Undoubtedly, everyone who uses Chat GPT has always attempted to use statistical data from outside documents or databases, but it was hardly achievable. Now, OpenAI has announced the ability to use Chat GPT in order to analyze data from the outside. “You want these models to be able to access better knowledge about the world; so do we. We are launching retrieval on the platform. You can bring knowledge from outside documents or databases into whatever you are building."

Chat GTP Store : Better Knowledge

Moreover, in the new model of Chat GPT, OpenAI has updated the knowledge cutoff. This update is extremely helpful within all industries of using Chat GTP. “We are also updating the knowledge cutoff. We are just as annoyed as all of you, probably more, that GPT-4's knowledge about the world ended in 2021. We will try to never let it get out of date again. GPT-4 Turbo has knowledge about the world up to April 2023, and we will continue to improve that over time.

4. Chat GPT Store:New Modalities

Surprising no one, DALL-E 3, GPT-4 Turbo with Vision, and the new text-to-speech model are all going into the API today. We have a handful of customers that have just started using DALL-E 3 to programmatically generate images and designs."

In addition to this, Coke is launching a campaign that lets its customers generate Diwali cards using DALL-E 3, and, of course, the GTP’s safety systems help developers protect their applications against misuse. Those tools are available through the API. GPT-4 Turbo can now accept images as inputs via the API and generate captions, classifications, and analyses.

Chat GPT Store : New Modalities

For example, Be My Eyes uses this technology to help people who are blind or have low vision with their daily tasks, like identifying products in front of them. With the new text-to-speech model, you will be able to generate incredibly natural-sounding audio from text in the API with six preset voices to choose from. It also unlocks a lot of use cases, like language learning and voice assistance.

Speaking of new modalities, we're also releasing the next version of our open-source speech recognition model, Whisper V3, today, and it will be coming soon to the API. It features improved performance across many languages, and we think you're really going to like it,” stated Sam Altman.

5. Chat GPT Store:Customization

Fine-tuning has been working really well for GPT-3.5 since we launched it a few months ago. Starting today, we are going to expand that to the 16K version of the model. Also, starting today, we are inviting active fine-tuning users to apply for the GPT-4 fine-tuning, experimental access program.

All in all, fine-tuning is a process in machine learning where a pre-trained model is further trained on a specific dataset to adapt its behavior to a particular task or domain. In the context of Chat GPT, fine-tuning allows users to customize the model for specific applications, improving its performance on tasks relevant to their needs.

The fine-tuning API is great for adapting our models to achieve better performance in a wide variety of applications with a relatively small amount of data, but you may want a model to learn a completely new knowledge domain or to use a lot of proprietary data. So, OpenAI has launched a new program called Custom Models.

With Custom Models, the OpenAI researchers will work closely with a company to help them make a great custom model, especially for them and their use case, using GPT tools. This includes modifying every step of the model training process, doing additional domain-specific pre-training, a custom RL post-training process tailored for a specific domain, and whatever else.

Chat GTP Store : Customization

Open AI states that it might take a bit of time and effort, and it won't be cheap at first, but they are excited to collaborate with companies that want to go above and beyond with the GPT’s abilities. It is like having a super-smart assistant that can do exactly what you want, and OpenAI is inviting companies to join in to make something really amazing together.

We will not be able to do this with many companies to start. It will take a lot of work, and in the interest of expectations, at least initially, it will not be cheap, but if you are excited to push things as far as they can currently go. Please get in touch with us, and we think we can do something pretty great.

6. Chat GPT Store:Higher Rate Limits

We are doubling the tokens per minute for all of our established GPT-4 customers, so it is easier to do more. You will be able to request changes to further rate limits and quotas directly in your API account settings," states Sam.

The last, but not the least, is introducing a Сopyright Shield. Copyright Shield means that OpenAI will step in and defend their customers and pay the costs incurred if somebody faces legal claims or copyright infringement, and this applies both to ChatGPT Enterprise and the API.

Chat GTP Store : Higher Rate Limits

“Let me be clear. This is a good time to remind people that we do not train on your data from the API or ChatGPT Enterprise, ever," claims Sam Altman. Fortunately, every piece of data that was put in Chat GPT by its users cannot be analyzed in order to train GPT.

Chat GPT Store: Complex Things in Simple Words

We believe that if you give people better tools, they will do amazing things.

The concept of OpenAI has always been inspiring for people in various industries. The way they developed Chat GPT in order to help people solve any types of problems and simplify their everyday lives works better than any promotion in the world. The growing popularity of Chat GPT is increasing day by day, providing OpenAI with an opportunity to develop even more groundbreaking tools.

At its peak, the OpenAI website generated 1.8 billion visits per month but has lowered to 1.4 billion visits in three months. The Bank Mycell report states that the global chatbot market is valued at $6,311.7 million in 2023, with a CAGR of 23.3% projected from 2023 to 2030. Chat GPT handles approximately 10 million user queries daily. The revenue of Chat GPT is expected to reach $200 million in 2023 and $1 billion by 2024.

Chat GTP Store : Statistics

Today, we are taking our first small step that moves us towards this future,” states Sam Altman. And it is completely true. Let us tell you about the most significant announcement of the entire conference.

We are thrilled to introduce GPTs.

As Sam Altman described, GTPs were tailored versions of Chat GPT for a specific purpose. You can build a GPT by yourself. In simple words, by using Chat GTP Builder, you are able to create a customized version of Chat GPT for almost any request and purpose with instructions, expanded knowledge, and actions.

Chat GTP Store : AI

What is more fascinating is that you can publish the GTPs you have created at Chat GTP Store. Other people can download it for free or even buy it for real money, which gives you a great opportunity to monetize your time, skills, and talents. Due to the fact that they combine instructions, expanded knowledge, and actions, GTPs can be more suitable for your personal or business requests. “They can work better in many contexts, and they can give you better control,” claims Sam Altman.

Chat GPT Store: An Easy Way to Monetize Your Skills and Have Fun

Using customized GPTs makes it easier for people to accomplish all sorts of tasks or just have more fun creating and monetizing new models. “You interact with GPT with language just by talking to it. It is easy to customize the behavior so that it fits what you want. This makes building them very accessible, and it gives agency to everyone.

In order to create your version of GPT, you should use Chat GTP Builder, whose interface is quite similar to ordinary Chat GPT. By using the right instructions, actions, your own language, skills, and documents, you can train the model and customize it to your own requirements and needs. Chat GPT Store is used in order to publish your GPTs and sell it to other users.

Chat GTP Store

Revenue sharing is important to us. We are going to pay people who build the most useful and most used GPT a portion of our revenue. We are excited to foster a vibrant ecosystem with the Chat GPT Store, just from what we have been building ourselves over the weekend. We are confident there is going to be a lot of great stuff,” states founder and CEO Sam Altman.

Chat GTP Store : Interface

You can list a GPT there, and we will be able to feature the best and most popular GPT. Of course, we will make sure that GPTs in the store follow our policies before they are accessible,” claims Sam to assure people that the entire system is absolutely under their control.

Chat GPT Store: Some Examples of Using GPTs

Let us imagine that you are a writer or a copywriter, and you are using Chat GPT in order to find new information for your books, articles, or posts. Now, you have an opportunity to train your GPT in order to find the appropriate statistics, some inspirational quotes, or similar articles. That noticeably simplifies the research process, saves your time, and makes it more engaging. Moreover, you have an opportunity to publish your GTP model in the Chat GTP Store and help other writers work better. You can also monetize your version of GTP by selling it in the Chat GPT Store and being paid real money for it.

Chat GTP Store : Examples

Another great example of using GTPS and Chat GTP Store is creating your GTP model with cooking recipes. Instead of constantly searching for the new recipe that will suit your dinner, you can just train the GTP to analyze your fridge based on the photo you take and give you hundreds of dinner variants with the products you have in it. You can also ask it to create its own recipe according to your food preferences or previously requested recipes. For better results, provide GTPs with your feedback, communicate with it, and tell it more about your lifestyle.

Keep in mind that OpenAI never uses your personal data in order to improve or train Chat GTP.

Chat GPT Store: Collaboration with Other Companies

The partners of OpenAI at are working hard to expand computer science in schools. They have a curriculum that is used by tens of millions of students worldwide. Lesson Planner GPT, crafted for, helps teachers provide a more engaging experience for middle schoolers.

Chat GTP Store :

If a teacher asks it to explain four loops in a creative way, it does that. In this case, it will do it in terms of a video game character repeatedly picking up coins. Super easy to understand for an 8th grader. As you can see, this GPT brings together's extensive curriculum and expertise and lets teachers adapt it to their needs quickly and easily.

Next, Canva has built a GPT that lets you start designing by describing what you want in natural language. If you say, "Make a poster for a DevDay reception this afternoon, this evening," and you give it some details, it will generate a few options to start with by hitting Canva's APIs.

Chat GTP Store : Canva

Now, this concept may be familiar to some of you. We have evolved our plugins to be custom actions for GPTs. You can keep chatting with this to see different iterations, and when you see one you like, you can click through to Canva for the full design experience.

Sounds impressive. It has become our reality.

Chat GPT Store, Chat GPT 4 Turbo, GPTs: The Microsoft’s Opinion

Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, has also taken part in the OpenAI performance. He claimed that their collaboration was an important step in the digital revolution and reshaped the entire IT world.

- How is Microsoft thinking about the partnership currently?

- First – we love you guys.

Look, it's been fantastic for us. You guys have built something magical.

Satya has mentioned that there are two things to describe when it comes to the partnership of OpenAI with Microsoft. No one has ever seen infrastructure like this. He emphasized that the number one goal was to build the best system so that people could build the best models and then make them all available to developers. “We want to build our GitHub Copilot as developers on top of OpenAI APIs. We are very, very committed to that,” ensures Satya.

Then Sam asked what Microsoft thought about the future of their partnership and the future of the overall AI industry.

The thing that excited both sides to come together was your mission and our mission. Our mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more,” replied Satya. Frankly speaking, the collaboration of such industry giants as Microsoft and OpenAI clearly defines the tremendous potential of the AI industry and Chat GPT Store in particular.

Chat GTP Store : Microsoft

To me, ultimately, AI is only going to be useful if it truly does empower,” Satya summed up.

And it really does inspire. Numerous companies all over the world are holding their breath while watching this limitless development of a pretty new company. OpenAI's contribution to the development of the digital industry will grow exponentially, and its significance will increase every single day.

GPTs & Chat GPT Store: The Future of Monetizing GPTs is Near Us

As you can see, the things we could not even imagine a few years ago have now become our reality. With such rapid growth, OpenAI has totally revolutionized not only the digital industry but also our everyday lives. We want to write one more article about Chat GPT in the next year. And tell you that everything we have written before has left behind new discoveries and achievements.

We do all of this because we believe that AI is going to be a technological and societal revolution. It will change the world in many ways, and we are happy to get to work on something that will empower all of you to build so much for all of us.

We hope that you will come back next year. What we launched today is going to look very quaint relative to what we are busy creating for you, you know. Thank you!

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI

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