2 years ago

Everything You Need to Know About IT Outsourcing

Whether you’re an experienced entrepreneur or just a newcomer knowing of a startup, there comes the time when you think about outsourcing. What is this and is it better than insourcing? Can it be useful for your business? Get the answers in this post.

What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing is the business practice due to which companies shift tasks to external third parties for a long period. This may also be called contracting out and off-shoring. Outsourcing IT services is a popular practice. IT outsourcing includes software development, help desk support, desktop support, data center operations, e-commerce outsourcing, network operations recovery, etc.

According to the statistics, in 2016 the global business and government spending on AI outsourcing reached $440 billion. During the next years, this market size may shrink due to less expensive cloud environments.

What are main outsourcing benefits?

Delegating tasks, a company can focus on core activities. There is no need to worry that other business activities lack in quality. Having enough time for development, companies work on making their businesses even more successful. Besides, they don’t waste time on learning how to carry out the tasks.

Instead of hiring new people and training them, companies lower labor costs by working with professionals. Outsourcing allows for the cooperation with skilled specialists who’ve got a lot of experience working in a certain sphere. They are trained, qualified, certified, have got impressive resumes and portfolios.

Another advantage of IT outsourcing is the possibility to increase efficiency and competitiveness. There is no need for one company to spend time on research, development, and implementation. Outsourcing these tasks, companies save a lot of time, decrease costs, and improve the product quality. What about those that handle the whole project in-house? Such companies don’t have resources for starting other new projects and quickly implementing new technologies.

What are the best outsourcing providers?

One of the top IT outsourcing markets is Eastern Europe. Such countries as Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, and Romania prove to be the most popular outsourcing destinations. Several reasons for that. First, moderate rates. If you are in the need for a professional outsourcing provider in Ukraine, you’ll find several experienced companies that will offer you the best services possible for a reasonable price.

Second, the Ukrainian programmers develop software of the highest quality. With a mature IT market and a strong educational system, Ukraine has a great potential or workforce. Its IT professionals make sure that the developed software meets international standards. Other factors making Ukraine one of the best IT outsourcing countries include such characteristics as safe money transfer, an actively developing economy, solid research and development base, a comfortable time zone, lack of communication barriers, and a highly developed infrastructure. The Ukrainians are easy to talk to, open minded, and creative. Most companies enjoy having partners to be positive and open to new ideas.

If you are looking for outsourcing providers, you probably know what benefits it may have for your business. First, you won’t worry about IT related problems. Second, you’ll get access to the latest technologies and staff with great expertise. You should use such possibility to focus on your core business. These are just a few of the outsourcing advantages. Find an outsourcing provider now and explore other great benefits that will make your business prosper.