Australian Outsourcing Landscape: Destinations, Statistics, and More

In the modern, ever-evolving business environment, IT outsourcing has become a game changer for companies seeking to optimize their operations while cutting costs. Yet, how can business owners make the right decision regarding a wide variety of outsourcing vendors and destinations? Nowadays, it is possible to outsource your IT needs to any corner of the world, from Mexico to the Philippines. Our previous articles analyzed the IT outsourcing domain in Eastern Europe (Romania, Estonia, Poland, Ukraine) and India, so it is time to consider the new outsourcing destination — Australia. Owing to its robust economy and skilled workforce, the Australian outsourcing industry has recently emerged as one of the key players in the modern market. Read on to dive into the nuances of the Australian outsourcing landscape and explore popular destinations, relevant statistics, and critical considerations for companies venturing into this dynamic area.

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The Story Behind the Australian Outsourcing Market

In the following paragraphs, we will take a look at the key factors influencing the emergence of the Australian outsourcing domain.

Back in the good old days, 20 years ago, the software development market was nipped in the bud. During this pre-digital and pre-cloud period, the Australian outsourcing industry was associated with a lack of experienced vendors and proper procedures. Over time, in 2007, the Australian outsourcing landscape underwent a sharp shift, representing over 10% of the total IT market. This revolutionary transformation brought the following trends to the table:

  • slow yet stable Australian outsourcing market growth;
  • more mature and competitive Australian outsourcing industry;
  • outsourcing specific services instead of all IT activities to one vendor;
  • shorter contracts;
  • lower costs;
  • higher quality.

At the same time, many businesses shunned outsourcing because of the following potential threats:

  • lack of management;
  • incapacity to resume running apps in-house;
  • the intricacy of prolonged negotiations;
  • loss of intellectual property;
  • security concerns.

Bearing these crucial impacts in mind, how did the Australian outsourcing market reach its current popularity? Let us find out.

Since the 2010s, the Australian outsourcing market has been growing at about 10% per year, with more and more outsourcing providers entering this fruitful domain. At this point, initially adopted for entrusting specific IT services, Australian outsourcing gains a strategic context. These aspects contributed to the emergence of the modern, robust Australian outsourcing industry:

  • strategic outsourcing;
  • sustained effort from both parties of the contract; clearly composed SLAs;
  • testing period/short-term contracts to evaluate the vendor's capabilities.

Summing up, Australian outsourcing has a long and challenging history with a wide array of ups and downs, new market players, strategic tendencies, innovative types of contracts, etc. Being one of the most popular outsourcing destinations in 2024, Australia still has much to offer. Well, it is time to consider some statistical data to demonstrate its promising potential.

Numbers Speak Louder than Words: Australian Outsourcing Statistics

As Karl Pearson, a famous English mathematician and biostatistician, once said, "Statistics is the grammar of science." Let us check how it applies to the analysis of the Australian outsourcing industry.

Speaking of the Australian outsourcing domain, it is impossible to ignore the prompt rise of digital transformation initiatives. This, in turn, has evoked demand for skilled IT professionals, making Australia an ideal destination for businesses seeking innovation and technological expertise. Fueled by cost efficiency, easy access to specialized skills, and a business-friendly environment, the Australian outsourcing industry evolves at a rapid pace.

Australian IT Outsourcing Market Analysis by devabit

What are the reasons for such incredible growth in the Australian outsourcing sector?

1. Customer Preferences

First, it is all about changing customer preferences. While small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are actively looking for efficient ways to reduce costs and boost productivity, outsourcing enables them to focus on core competencies, entrusting the non-core processes to vendors.

2. Cloud-Based Software

Second, with the rapidly growing adoption of cloud-based solutions, businesses get unlimited access to the services they need regardless of location. As far as this tendency eliminates the need for expensive hardware or software facilities, the popularity of outsourcing cloud development services to third-party vendors also increases. Moreover, this trend is predicted to stay with us in the coming years since the potential of cloud-based solutions brings many advantages to the table.

3. Location

Third, another crucial factor is Australia's close geographical proximity to Asia. Thanks to a stable political environment, educated workforce, and next-generation technological infrastructure, many companies in the Asia-Pacific region outsource their specialized services to Australia, contributing to the overall economic growth of the country.

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Consequently, the infographics we provided in this block definitely prove that the Australian outsourcing market is experiencing an era of prosperity and progress.

Key Australian Outsourcing Hubs

As we have already sorted out, the Australian outsourcing industry is quite popular, yet how about its most famous outsourcing hubs? Read on to find out the answer.

Australia boasts several major outsourcing destinations, and each of them offers its own unique advantages. By way of illustration, Sydney and Melbourne, the country's economic powerhouses, are top choices for companies looking to tap into a diverse talent pool. On the other hand, the rapidly evolving economies of Brisbane and Perth are also gaining popularity worldwide.

Australian Outsourcing Hubs by devabit

Thanks to the cosmopolitan atmosphere associated with Sydney, this hub appears to be a perfect choice for IT and customer service outsourcing. Melbourne, in turn, is famous for its focus on finance, healthcare, and education outsourcing. At the same time, Brisbane is emerging as a hotspot for technology-driven businesses, while Perth is making progress in mining and resource-related outsourcing fields.

Australian Outsourcing Players by devabit

Popular Outsourcing Destinations Close to Australia

While today's article is entirely dedicated to the Australian outsourcing industry, let us take a quick look at its neighbors since they play a crucial role in setting regional outsourcing trends.

The Philippines

In recent years, the Philippines has become a strategic outsourcing partner for many businesses. Leveraging an exclusive mesh of cost-effectiveness and a talented workforce fluent in English, this destination is a powerful competitor of the Australian outsourcing industry. One of the core competencies outsourced to the Philippines is business process outsourcing (BPO). While multiple industry-leading businesses choose this country to outsource their customer service, data entry, and other back-office needs, the Philippines has also become a global hub for call centers, with a strong emphasis on cost-efficiency and scalability.

Philippine Outsourcing Industry by devabit


There is no doubt that you have at least once heard of this outsourcing destination. Renowned for its highly cheap outsourcing services, India remains one of the most influential players in the modern market. Still, remember that a miser pays twice, which means this outsourcing destination is also associated with poor-quality solutions. While Australia emphasizes high-value, specialized services and collaboration, India has introduced itself as a global outsourcing giant, delivering a broad spectrum of cost-effective solutions. Low cost or high quality? Although the choice is only up to you, we recommend considering the Australian outsourcing market as a better option with long-term benefits. After all, comprehending the strengths and challenges of each country allows businesses to make informed decisions when considering outsourcing partnerships, ensuring strategic cooperation that aligns with their unique objectives and requirements.

Indian Outsourcing Industry by devabit

Australian Outsourcing Challenges (+ Bonus Mitigation Strategy!)

Nothing is perfect: even the Australian outsourcing industry has its issues. Luckily, the devabit team knows how to overcome them.


While the Australian outsourcing landscape offers lucrative opportunities, businesses must stay aware of specific challenges. One notable concern is the relatively higher labor cost compared to other outsourcing destinations like India or the Philippines. However, the quality of work and the skilled workforce often offset this cost difference.


To avoid this issue, companies can focus on strategic partnerships and long-term collaborations with outsourcing providers. Such a strategy not only fosters a deeper understanding of the business processes but also allows for customized solutions that maximize cost-effectiveness.

Australian Outsourcing Challenges by devabit

The Future of Australian Outsourcing: Trends & Innovations

Let us unveil the magical predictions for the upcoming seasons!

Automation & Artificial Intelligence

As the Australian outsourcing landscape continues to evolve at a rapid pace, several trends and innovations are shaping the industry's future. First and foremost, let us mention the rise of automation and artificial intelligence since these innovative trends are significantly transforming traditional outsourcing models. Notably, Australian outsourcing providers have started integrating these technologies into their workflows to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and deliver innovative solutions.

Eco-Friendly Practices & Community Initiatives

Over and above that, there is a growing emphasis on sustainability and social responsibility. Modern Australian outsourcing providers align their operations with eco-friendly practices and community initiatives, making Australia an appealing destination for companies prioritizing corporate social responsibility.

The Future of Australian Outsourcing Industry by devabit

On a Final Note: Navigating Success in the Australian Outsourcing Landscape

At the end of the day, the Australian outsourcing industry offers an exclusive combination of skilled talent, favorable business conditions, and a commitment to innovation. Businesses exploring outsourcing opportunities in Australia should carefully consider the outsourcing hubs, leverage the industry's promising statistics, and address challenges through strategic partnerships.

As the modern business ecosystem grows and progresses, staying up-to-date on emerging trends and innovations will be crucial for companies seeking sustained success in this dynamic market. Summing up, Australia, with its rich pool of talent and progressive business environment, is expected to remain a key player in the global outsourcing arena for years to come.

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