How Can Your Business Use Augmented Reality: AR Benefits

Augmented reality used to be a concept in sci-fi and gaming. Fortunately, recent developments have changed the situation drastically. Nowadays, AR is becoming more popular and moving into the worlds of business, education, healthcare, banking, etc. In accordance with these changes, not only Software Engineers, Mobile and Web Developers are in high demand now. 3D designers also play an integral part in the IT market. Such giants as Sony, Microsoft, Google, Apple, and IBM treat AR benefits as one of their core development issues.

What’s the reason for such rapid growth of the popularity of the AR benefits? Should entrepreneurs seek ways to benefit from using augmented reality? All in all, are there any AR benefits worth your attention? In today’s article, we will figure out all related issues about AR benefits and the AR industry.

AR Benefits: The Real Giants

If to talk about AR benefits, we begin with Apple, the worldwide-known company that already takes advantage of AR benefits. One of the cool AR benefits of the iOS 11 update is the framework ARKit. With ARKit, users are able to seamlessly display computer-generated objects and surfaces, bringing a new level of interactivity to their surroundings. Moreover, it can also incorporate 3D data and interactive objects into the real-world user environment.

AR Benefits: Apple

With the help of AR Quick Look in iOS 12, Apple made it easier to use AR benefits and interact with 3D objects. This feature allows placing 3D models directly into the real-world environment through the Safari browser or compatible apps. Among other AR benefits there are AR-based games that were created with the help of ARKit. This enables users to interact with virtual characters and objects in their physical environment.

AR Benefits: Google

Moving on to Google AR benefits, it offers ARCore, the platform for building captivating augmented reality experiences. Using different APIs, this platform enables a phone to sense the environment. It also understands the world and interacts with information.

In addition to ARCore, Google provides some other AR benefits. For instance, Google Lens is one of the AR benefits that allows users to gather information about objects, text, etc. by simply pointing their camera at them. It can identify plants and animals, provide additional information about products, translate text, and more.

Another great example of AR benefits is Google Maps. With the help of AR benefits, Google Maps is able to provide users with navigation for their surroundings and overlay directions onto the real-world view captured through the camera. Google AR stickers are another tool that allows users to add interactive 3D characters and objects to their photos and videos using AR benefits.

AR Benefits: IBM

In the realm of augmented reality, IBM teams have embraced this technology to provide invaluable visual guidance by overlaying digital data onto real objects. Using mobile devices, tablets, and smart glasses, users can simplify a bunch of routine interactions, making tasks more efficient and user-friendly.

AR benefits by devabit

AR Benefits: Sony

In addition, Sony has recently implemented some AR benefits and presented an alternative to smart glasses. Through their technologies and innovations, they have created a hologram composed of smart sensors that detect light and create objects out of it. Besides, the company has presented some demos that make use of real-life objects.

Want to implement AR in your business?

AR Benefits: Great AR Examples

Of course, the globally known company, which generates 38.3 billion euros in a year, could not miss the opportunity to boost its business and implement some AR benefits. IKEA has provided users with IKEA Place, an AR benefits application that places products into the users’ spaces. Being able to observe 3D true-to-scale models of furniture in their dwellings, clients can decide whether they like a particular interior object at home almost immediately. Shopping has become so much easier and funnier. Besides, the app allows sharing the updated location with social apps and ordering products.

AR benefits overview by devabit

Another interesting way to utilize AR benefits in your business is presented by Castorama, a French DIY store. The company has combined a game with design, having created "Magic Wallpaper." It’s the wallpaper that uses AR benefits to tell animated stories via an app. Characters painted on the wallpaper revive once scanned and start interacting. They tell fascinating stories, making the bedtime routine more enjoyable.

According to the statistics, six out of ten American households don’t buy a book in an entire year. The statistics for reading in Ukraine are similarly shocking. 51% of respondents haven’t read a single book. Live Animations, an international IT company specializing in the development of innovative products with augmented reality, and the publishing house have cooperated to change these numbers with the help of AR benefits. They’ve published a translation of Lewis Caroll’s "Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland." Besides, they’ve come up with an app that makes the most interesting book scenes come alive. 258 thousand users have downloaded the app. 350 thousand people have bought the book, while an ordinary book presale is only 3 thousand. It is an amazing example of how the AR benefits help the society become better.

If you are really interested in considering some more AR benefits and AR examples, devabit has several articles about the interconnection of businesses and AR benefits. Learning about the four most popular AR cases will help you understand the best ways to implement AR benefits in your business. Moreover, if you are interested in the furniture market, we have another article about some mind-blowing examples of AR benefits in the furniture industry.

AR Benefits for Business: Choose devabit

As it’s easy to notice from the previously mentioned examples, entrepreneurs use AR in different spheres. AR benefits can be found in design, as it’s so great to streamline the decorating process through a phone. Of course, augmented reality is perfect for gaming, making all the fascinating plots even more interesting. Implementation of the AR benefits becomes a vital marketing tool, taking interactions with customers to the next level. Moreover, AR is great for entertainment and retail. Such storytelling sells experiences and feelings.

In order to decide whether your business will acquire AR benefits, think about whether the business needs interaction between real and imaginary objects. If customers find such interaction interesting or useful, it’s worth trying. If you want to create your own AR app but don't know where to start, you should definitely look no further than devabit! We have a proven record of top-performing AR and VR apps, for example, Dars and a VR game for a famous series after Stephen King's Mr. Mercedes.

Our team of experienced developers and designers specializes in different IT industries, such as Cloud Application Development,iOS and Android Development, Web Development, etc. Our 3D designers can help you bring every idea to life, from concept to launch. We specialize in creating customized 3D and development solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients and their customers. Partnering with devabit means gaining access to a team of experts who are dedicated to creating high-quality, user-friendly apps that meet the needs of your target audience. So why wait? Contact our team to boost your business right now.

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