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Here Is How Business Process Outsourcing Helps Online Retailers

Tight control over your online retail certainly seems full of sense at some point. However, once the sales volume goes up, prioritizing operational tasks over the strategy will only hurt your business. Outsourcing and automation are among the most obvious and well-proved solutions to consider. According to Research Gate, among the main advantages for retail BPO, there are:

  • Increased knowledge and expertise
  • Alternative staff increase for short term projects
  • Cost savings
  • Increased return on equity
  • Controlling and sharing the risks
  • Elimination/reduction of the weakness of the management information system (MIS)
  • Corporate segmentation through outsourcing non-strategic tasks
  • Focusing on core strategic activities
  • Organizational growth thanks to outsourcing the weaknesses of the MIS department
  • Applicable to the procedurally oriented organizations

Let’s take a deeper look into which eCommerce tasks can be easily outsourced without hurting the core business functions.

1. Bulk Data Entry

First of all, consider outsourcing seasonal activities which do not require high expertise in the matter. These might include, for example: adding or deleting products, uploading images, migrating products to another platform or catalog, tagging out-of-stocks or removing products from inventory catalog etc.

Such tedious functions can be completed with a minimal margin error without hurting efficiency when outsourced. Some shopping cart providers suggest such services for small retail stores. However, once online sales increase, the most sensible strategic solution would be to hire a data entry outsourcing team. In the long run, this saves costs and efforts for smart business organization.

2. Endless Product Descriptions

Every online retailer requires a growing range of supplies and products as it scales up. This brings sharper inventory needs along with endless title and description formatting for the website. Besides, the products might have several types of flavor, color or print which usually requires unique details description for successful SEO.

As a bulk and time-consuming task, it is recommended to be outsourced. Professionally trained employees of a BPO center will quickly complete high-quality and well-optimized product descriptions. In devabit, we ensure advanced care even of the smallest details like data indexing and SKU management.

3. Website Maintenance and Catalog Updating

A website with poorly laid out categories results in low customer satisfaction and worrying abandonment rates. Indeed, eCommerce website maintenance requires instant catalog updates with available products. At first sight, this seems like another a simple task without extra involvement. However, inefficient catalog management impacts user experience (UX), cart abandonment rate, customer satisfaction, and marketing feedbacks.

Therefore, an eCommerce company should ensure their employees are constantly focused on catalog updates and related responsibilities. As this is a rather micromanagement activity, one should outsource catalog management to skilled BPO experts. For example, in devabit, we have a separate department for Product Information Management (PIM) that guarantees in-time precise execution of catalog management.

Instead of Conclusion

If you are looking for a trusted business process outsourcing partner, devabit is the right choice. We have a proven record of effective support of many online retailers around the world. Among our key services, there is data entry, catalog updating, product information management, and many others. Just contact us and we will offer you a highly customized solution for boosting your operational productivity.

Finally, if you are in the middle of researching the best BPO partner for your company, take into account the destination along with the company expertise and functions to outsource. Here you can check our large-scale analysis of one of the top BPO destinations worldwide, Lviv, Ukraine:

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